2007. augusztus 5., vasárnap

Eva Cassidy - Time After Time (2000)

Ez a lemez is Eva halála után jelent meg, s ez is ismert dalok csodálatos, egyéni feldolgozásait tartalmazza, közöttük Paul Simon Kathy's Song-ját és a címadó dalt, Cyndi Lauper Time after Time-ját.
Time after Time Cyndi-vel

Time after Time Eva-val

A dalok:

1. Kathy's Song
2. Ain't No Sunshine
3. The Letter
4. At Last
5. Time After Time
6. Penny to My Name
7. I Wandered By a Brookside
8. I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
9. Easy Street Dream
10. Anniversary Song
11. Woodstock
12. Way Beyond the Blue

Eva Cassidy - Time After Time (2000)

2 megjegyzés:

Névtelen írta...

hi ... after discovering her beautiful voice here at your blog ; I
found a torrent with everything she made ... if you need anything just ask ... I couldn't find all of her christmas album but I do have method actor and imagine .. A NOTE ...when I was growing up in kansas my neighbor named Mr. Falavi who immigrated from Hungary in the 50's had a dog just like your avatar ... he saved my little sister's life (from drowning in a swimming pool) a Vizsla named see-cha ... she grew up and owns a new little see-cha.... loves the water too

Levin írta...

I say thank you for it, but that torrent is at my disposal.
To the NOTE: the Vizsla the man's best friend, and i have a vizsla too.

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