2009. november 3., kedd

Tom Waits - It's Just Blues, Too! (2006)

Blues Tom Waits módra, második fejezet.
Köszönkük, kedves Ticc!

A számok:

01 Fumblin' with the Blues
02 Goin' Down Slow
03 Spare Your Blush
04 Diamonds On My Windshield
05 Tomcat Waits to Smoke
06 So Long I'll See Ya
07 Ice Cream Man
08 McCabe's Guitar Shop Song
09 Gin Soaked Boy
10 Union Square
11 Ain't Goin' Down to the Well
12 Live Like Cat
13 Table Top Joe
14 Big Black Mariah
15 Anywhere I Lay My Head (Mix Version)
16 Books of Moses
17 Setting In An Uproar
18 Little Boy Blue
19 Walking Spanish
20 Whistlin' Past the Graveyard
21 Jesus Gonna Be Here
22 New Coat of Paint
23 The Return Of Jackie And Judy
24 Get Behind The Mule
25 Down, Down, Down

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