2008. május 29., csütörtök

Larry Carlton - Renegade Gentleman (1993)

Larry Carlton az imént bemutatott Terry McMillant hívta vendégül 1993-ban megjelent albuma elkészítéséhez. Rajtuk kívül a felvételeken a következő zenészek játéka hallható: Chuck Leavell - keyboards; Michael Rhodes - bass; Chris Layton - Drums; Matt Rollings - keyboards; John Ferraro - drums.

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Dave írta...

I'm sorry I don't speak your language but I like much of the music you allow us to hear. I'm having trouble downloading "Larry Carlton - Renegade Gentleman (1993)" from ego share, part 2 is always very short and a different file length each time I try (such as 670,128 or 655,672 or 656,908 and not 56,88MB as the site says. Ego share has been very unreliable in the past two weeks. The link for "linkup" says the file is over 10MB so it can't be shared. Can you re-upload this file to a different service? It looks very good from all the fine musicians playing on it. Thank you, and I hope you can keep this service going, I try to visit whenever I can!

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