2010. június 13., vasárnap

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Greatest Hits CD5. (2003)

01.Extralarge Amii Stewart 3:33
02.What's goin'on The Micalizzi Family 3:04
03.Flying Carousel The Micalizzi Family 2:31
04.The Mysterious Man The Micalizzi Family 2:56
05.Piedone a Hong Kong G.&M. De Angelis Orchestra 2:42
06.You'd Better Smile Nick Giuffrè 1:14
07.Christmas flight P. Donaggio Orchestra 3:27
08.The genie Adriano Pappalardo 3:26
09.Cinque elicotteri F. Frizzi Orchestra 3:53
10.Superfantagenio F. Frizzi Orchestra 3:21
11.An Angel Around Me Fans' Club 4:12

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