2008. augusztus 18., hétfő

Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do (2008)

Miután Janiva Magness 2006-ban és 2007-ben is begyűjtötte a legjobb kortárs női blues előadónak járó díjat, idei lemezét már az Alligator Records jelentette meg.

A számok:

1. That's What Love Will Make You Do
2. I Want A Love
3. I'm Glad You're Mine
4. Bitter Pill
5. Fool Me Again
6. Get It, Get It
7. One Heartache Too Late
8. You Sound Pretty Good
9. I Don't Want You On My Mind
10. Don't Do It
11. I Won't Be Around
12. Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door
13. Sometimes You Got To Gamble

Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do (2008)

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Richard írta...

Something you need to know.

ucash steals the rapidshare accounts of any premium users who click through but already have the 'logged in' cookie set... I had a swine of a job getting my account back when somebody else started using it!


Levin írta...

Thank You Richard,
I cleared the Ucash link.

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